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Friday, March 10, 2023

Meet: Mike Neff, Manager at Tom English’s Cottage

Meet: Mike Neff, Manager at Tom English’s Cottage

We were thrilled to head over to Tom English’s Cottage to chat with bartender and manager, Mike Neff. Tom English’s is a famous local bar in Southie, and we thought there is no better month to visit than during Southie’s most renowned holiday season – St. Patrick’s Day! St. Patty’s Day in South Boston is one of the most popular holidays of the year, so much so that the festivities last all month long!

Mike gave us the inside scoop about the history of Tom English’s and their St. Patrick’s Day traditions. He began telling us, “Tom English’s has been around since the 1950s. It is and continues to be a family-owned bar. There is an actual Tom English. He’s third generation and runs the Southie bar now.“ Tom used to have multiple locations around the Greater Boston area; these alternate locations included Tom English’s Tavern, Bar, Lounge, and more! Although they are closed now, Tom English’s Cottage is the last one standing and is beloved by South Boston residents.

Since 2008, Mike has been drinking and having fun at Tom English’s Bar! He went on to tell us, “I’m 32, and when I grew up, Tom’s was always a chill, fun spot to hang out and catch a game without waiting in a line. I started as a door guy, worked as a bartender at our Savin Hill bar, picked up shifts in Southie, and now I bartend and manage.” He has loved getting to know everyone in the community and working at a place that brings everyone together.

Mike and his coworkers are excited to enter the St. Patrick’s Day season as their traditions and festivities begin. Their kitchen will be operating during Parade weekend…and we heard their corned beef dinners are a must-try! Mike informed us they will be offering “a few different St. Patrick’s drink specials that [will] run exclusively this month. We have our liquor and beer providers giving away great swag and sampling their products.”

When asked about the one thing newbies should know about Tom’s, Mike told us, “We’re a cash-only, get-it-done bar. You’re here to drink, move around, play some games, and have a good time. We’ve got decent pours, decent prices, and decent people.” What can get better than that? Tom’s is an iconic Southie staple and will be bustling on Parade day! Join the Southie community and check out Tom English’s Cottage at 118 Emerson Street for some pre-Parade festivities!

Take a look at our full video interview below to learn more about Mike and Tom English’s history!

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