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Monday, April 24, 2023

Meet: Chris Lane, General Manager of Sullivan’s

Meet: Chris Lane, General Manager of Sullivan’s Castle Island

Sullivan’s Castle Island is a staple for South Boston residents. Since opening in 1951, they’re known by just about every generation of Southie locals. The General Manager Chris Lane gave us insight into Sullivan’s background and what Castle Island and Sullivan’s mean to this community.

Chris Lane has been a General Manager at Sullivan’s for 37 years and has been a part of the generational ownership changes. This family-owned spot is now on its third generation-owned! Back in June of 1951, Dan Sullivan Sr. opened the doors of Sullivan’s Castle Island for the first time. His goal was to create quality, affordable food for Southie residents. After celebrating their 70th anniversary in 2021, they have continued to do just that.

Chris told us his “go-to meal is a double cheeseburger, ketchup, onion, and cheesy fries.” Many regulars have favorites similar to Chris, but hotdogs remain the most popular item. Although, Chris did let us in on a secret that their fried shrimp is phenomenal and often overlooked on the menu!

Castle Island holds a special place in Southie residents' hearts. According to Chris, “There is no place like Castle Island. It is probably one of the few places in South Boston that hasn’t changed… this is the kind of place people like to call home.” The hominess of Castle Island is what longtime residents and newcomers love about it. There are friendly people, beaches, parks, the Harry McDonough sailing program, and, of course, Sullivan’s!

Asked about his favorite Castle Island memory, Chris said, “I remember being a kid in the ‘70s when the tall ships came. Me and my family, we slept here overnight as the tall ships were arriving. It was amazing.” The history surrounding Castle Island encapsulates everything this place means to the community.

Watch the full video interview with Chris below, and be sure to visit Sullivan’s Castle Island. Their other locations include Hub Hall in Boston and Hanover, Massachusetts (the newest)!

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