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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Meet: Rachel Titcomb, Owner of Petula's

Meet: Rachel Titcomb, Owner of Petula's

Looking for a new spot in Southie to grab dinner? Take a trip to Petula’s, a bright, inviting space with delicious food and drinks. We chatted with Rachel Titcomb about opening Petula’s, her previous experience in the industry, and life in South Boston. Rachel opened Petula’s with her partner, Mike Shaw, in May 2023 and has many exciting plans for the future of the restaurant.

Rachel has been in the restaurant industry for as long as she can remember. She landed in Southie about 12 years ago, managing at Lincoln in their early days. From Lincoln to Loco and Fat Baby, she has done it all in South Boston. Rachel shared she “always thought there was a need for something like Petula’s. A bright, welcoming space that feels homey, has a variety of food options, and is approachable for the neighborhood.”

The restaurant is named after Petula Clark, a famous singer who debuted her talent at age 10 in 1942. While growing up, Rachel’s mom used to wake her and her siblings up with Petula Clark’s music. She told us, “The idea was, I woke up with Petula’s, and it started my day off on the right foot,” something Rachel wants to convey at her restaurant. Although Petula’s is currently dinner-only, they are working to add all-day services, starting with brunch next month.

Located in South Boston, Petula’s attracts all sorts of residents from the neighborhood. “We get people who have lived in Southie for 60 years, and then we get people who moved here last month. Southie’s just such a supportive and fun neighborhood,” Rachel said. Since living in South Boston, Rachel has gotten to know so many amazing people, including customers and other industry workers.“People really have your back here. If you treat them right, they treat you right,” she explains.

Serving a wide range of food and beverages, Petula’s works with local companies and farms in the area to source their offerings. For their beverage program, they have partnered with Neighborhood Wines in the South End, an all-natural wine shop. Their beverage menu features natural wines, draft beer, and deliciously crafted cocktails made with fresh juices. The most popular beverages are the Lazy Spice – an avocado margarita, and the Modern Lover –  a pomegranate vodka drink.

The food menu is just as impressive and includes classics such as pepperoni pizza and more unique plates like Rachel’s favorite, the hamachi crudo. One of the most popular starters has been the ricotta toast; we can vouch for that!

Enjoy all of Petula’s offerings at 81 L Street, open daily for dinner at 5PM. Be sure to look out for their upcoming brunch hours and the opening of their outdoor dining. Visit their website to learn more and make a reservation to secure your dinner spot! If you still want to learn more, watch the full interview below.

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