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Monday, April 22, 2024

Meet: Annmarie McHale, Co-owner of Nourish Lounge

Meet: Annmarie McHale, Co-owner of Nourish Lounge

Providing a space to recover and relax is central to Nourish Lounge, and we were thrilled to experience this with owners Annmarie and Allison at their newly opened Southie location. Their original studio is located in Milton, MA, and in scouting new locations, they knew they wanted to be closer to home. Being from Dorchester with strong roots in Southie, the sisters knew they wanted to bring the brand to this community!

Nourish Lounge was named in reference to customers’ desires to nourish their minds and bodies when spending time in the wellness studio. Annmarie said, “Nourish means to grow and nurture, and that’s what we want the Southie community to do with us.” This urban oasis provides something new and unique for the neighborhood, setting it apart from other area wellness studios.

For those unfamiliar with Nourish Lounge, it is a wellness studio that provides far-infrared sauna treatments that allow your body to detox, sweat, and relieve muscle tension. Annmarie shared how she and her sister began their journey into this specialty. Allison and Annmarie had always been into health and wellness, but after having children, Allison sought a unique way to destress. Annmarie said, “Allison wanted a private little oasis where she could recover her body but get some benefit in the health world.” Once Allison discovered far-infrared treatments, she knew it was her passion. She came to Annmarie with the idea, and together, they created Nourish Lounge. Their mission has always been to raise awareness of self-care without guilt, and they have done just that!

Annmarie and Allison's roles at the studio are as unique as their bond. While Annmarie takes charge of business relations and marketing, Allison is the backbone, handling back-of-house details. Her day-to-day responsibilities include billing, property management, distributor payroll, insurance, and more! The dynamic duo has created a strong business by complementing each other's skills. Annmarie gushed about their incredible staff of seven Southie ladies, emphasizing the special bond they share. As mentors, Annmarie and Allison can guide these women just as they were once mentored, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging within the Nourish Lounge family.

Not only have they hit the jackpot with their Southie employees, but they’ve also been tremendously lucky with their clients and supportive neighbors. Annmarie explained, “We have been involved in the community for quite some time—the youth sports, the local schools, and we will be teaming up with the Pierce Norton Foundation in the coming weeks.” The pair cares deeply about the South Boston community and are excited to meet more people, and further connect with neighboring businesses and residents.

Book an appointment at Nourish Lounge for yourself or a group of friends and relax and recover! The studio is located at 321 West Broadway, and reservations can be made on their website: https://www.nourishloungesite.com/book. To learn more, watch Annmarie’s interview video below!

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