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Monday, February 14, 2022

Meet: Miles Perry, Artist Behind “this is an original work of art ™”

Meet Miles Perry, the mind and magic behind “this is an original work of art ™”

We recently had the opportunity to check out the “this is an original work of art ™” popup art show, hosted by and featuring the artwork of Miles Perry, at the Distillery Art Gallery in South Boston. Miles is an artist in the truest sense of the word. His diverse array of masterpieces are each inspired by the world around us, taking cues from pop culture and upcycled materials fused into handmade works of art. Each piece played an orchestrated role in turning the bright white walls of The Distillery Gallery into a technicolor artistic immersive experience.

In case you haven’t heard of The Distillery Gallery, it's located on the subfloor of The Distillery, a community of artists, artisans, and small businesses located in a converted rum warehouse building. It’s right in the middle of South Boston, but it almost feels like walking up to a speakeasy as you enter the gallery section, in the lower portion of the building. And then you’re there, surrounded by those aforementioned tall white walls. Normally they’d have been more of a focal point, but during this visit, bright and vibrant colors pulled eyes all around the space. From graphic interpretations of a Muhammad Ali portrait to paint splattered one-of-a-kind high-top Converse shoes, no two pieces are alike.

Miles began creating for one simple reason. It’s the same reason creative practice has continually grown and refined to a point of technical magnificence. “I want to create something without limitations. A total freedom of expression. There are no rules. Some days I paint sneakers, jeans or shirts, other days I make large scale paintings, I just want to create.” And that’s just what he’s been doing. From nautical themed burlap artworks to t-shirts and denim, the way Miles takes things and makes then new, and different - oftentimes even changing the function of the objects - shows his resourcefulness and embodies the heart of what urban art is - transmuting the sounds and sights of the bustling cities into serene and reflective think pieces and cultural expressions.

Miles has been creating and doing shows in South Boston for a few years now. He only recently, though, moved his art studio from South Portland, Maine, to South Boston. “It was [quite] a commute before that,” he told us while laughing. Besides the commute he’s been spared, Miles cherishes the community and local support within the arts community in Boston. One of his favorite experiences is “connecting with other artists in the area and working on new projects.”

He believes that, “everyone is an original work of art” and the statement: “this is an original work of art ™,” is not just about the art or the clothing, but about the person. “We are all art,” Miles mentions. Every piece he creates has a design that is so expressively custom that you know, simpy from looking at the pieces, that each one is awaiting an owner as unique.

Miles is super excited to share his new art and clothing pieces that will be ready for SS2022. To learn more about Miles Perry, this is an original work of art ™, visit his website at thisisanoriginalworkofart.com. And to learn more about The Distillery and The Distillery Art Gallery, you can visit distillerygallery.com.

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