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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Southie Spotlights: Julio Cesar Roman, Micro Plant Studios


“So how would I describe South Boston in one word?... to give you my perspective, I would say, `evolving’”, exclaims 24-year resident of Boston and owner of Micro Plant Studio, Julio Cesar Roman.

Located on 365 West Broadway, this lively, green showroom and studio occupies approximately 650 sq. ft. of space in the heart of South Boston’s W and E Broadway neighborhood. Outside we were stopped in our tracks as the sidewalk flourished with colorful flowers, brightening up the bustling city street. Venture inside and you find an array of succulents, plants, flowers, pots, and artisan products; they also have an online shop!

Supporting their community through and through is important for Julio. When we connected with him for our Southie Spotlight, he explained that the studio rents from South Boston Development Corporation, an organization responsible for preserving affordable housing in South Boston. We asked Julio what was one of the important things for first-time customers to know about Micro Plant Studio. He responded:

“So we're not only just a small business, we're renting from a nonprofit organization that is preserving affordable housing in the South Boston area. So when customers support this business indirectly, they're also contributing and supporting our affordable housing. And for me, that is important -- knowing that I actually come from a career in the nonprofit sector. For me, it was very critical that I'm renting from someone that is also investing back in the community. It's empowering.”

Julio continues, “finding your passion in life is not always easy, and you may realize you have more than one.” Before creating Micro Plant Studio, Julio worked in the nonprofit sector; he also studied Fine Arts and received his master's degree in Public Policy from Tufts University. After having difficulties landing a job in the industry, Julio explains, “Sometimes doors are not open for you, so I created my little window of opportunity. I decided to move on and open my own business, Micro Plant Studio.”

We also wanted to know more about him selecting South Boston to open up shop. He looked at many areas in Boston but being latino, he truly felt that Southie really felt right in terms of vibe, diversity, and growth. Julio is thrilled to see how the area has been evolving and continues to innovate around him, ending his time with us with one final note: “there’s neighborhoods... and then there’s the community you create.” We couldn’t agree more with that statement.

Learn more about Micro Plant Studio and how they bring a big smile to South Boston, one plant at a time!

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