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Friday, February 16, 2024

Meet: Colleen Dunleavy, Co-owner of Love Child

Meet: Colleen Dunleavy, Co-owner of Love Child

Love Child is a one-stop shop for Southie residents to “give love, show love, and feel the love.” Colleen Dunleavy and Crystal Mills opened their doors four years ago, debuting the first and only Flower & Bottle shop in Boston. Since opening, they have been surrounded by support, collaborated with neighboring businesses, and made an impact in Southie!

While Crystal specializes in beverage products, Colleen focuses on the blooms, and together, they decide on fun goodies, gifts, and snacks to round out the shop’s offerings. Colleen noted there’s no better combo than flowers and cocktails, and clearly, the Southie community agrees. The shop is stocked with fresh flowers with options to buy premade bouquets, create your own, or assemble with a store associate. There is also a wide array of gifts, homemade cards, self-care products, cocktail necessities, unique liquors, and more.

With original plans to focus on events, Crystal and Colleen had to pivot in 2020 to introduce retail. Now, with a thriving retail store and popular events both on and off-site, the pair have created something truly special. Colleen shared, “The most popular [event] is our Blooms & Booze class. You learn to make a centerpiece, the basics around floral arranging, and some sort of beverage experience.” Wine tastings are offered in their event space as well!

Customers may attend classes or plan private events in the on-site event space. Love Child hosts local businesses for collaborations or can create a special experience for friends and family! Colleen shared news of a few exciting upcoming collaborations for off-site events, including Capo, Shybird, and Lulu Green. She said, “Part of our whole mission here is to lift other entrepreneurs.”

Colleen spoke very highly of this community and expressed her gratitude for living and working in this area. She stated, “In the 10 years I have been here, Southie has grown exponentially. You’re really in the heart of the city; however, it truly feels more of a neighborhood than a city.” From the locals showing up post break-in incident to the daily connections the staff have with residents, they are all very thankful.

It was great to chat with Colleen and get to know more about Love Child and her story. Stop by and take a look around, or attend an event on your next night out. For the full event schedule, click here, and keep an eye out for new upcoming events…or plan your own! Watch our full interview video below to learn more.  

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