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Monday, March 11, 2024

Meet: Eric & Megan, Founders of Lifebloom

Meet: Eric & Megan, Founders of Lifebloom

“What started as a dream in our two-bedroom apartment is now two retail locations.” Eric Kaweesi and Megan Schuler founded Lifebloom with the goals of creating candles that are sustainably sourced and hosting experiences for others to do the same. Our team recently met with Eric and Megan to learn more about their brand and how they launched Lifebloom!

Lifebloom originally launched as an online store and TikTok Live events in 2021, progressed to popup events, and now comprises two successful brick-and-mortar locations, both featuring in-person candle-making classes. Eric noted, “Candles are such a sensory experience; we wanted to prioritize building out our in-person sales channels.” With this in mind, the face-to-face events and retail locations came to fruition shortly after their social media efforts gained popularity. The opportunity to have a space in Seaport’s The Current in 2022-2023 led to the opportunity to sign leases in both South Boston and Boston Public Market in 2023.

At both locations, customers are able to attend candle-making classes, shop retail, and plan their own private events. Retail includes candles of varying sizes, incense, and Lifebloom swag. All candles are made with 100% natural ingredients and sit inside homemade vessels, which can be reused in your house once the candle has burned out. Their candle-making classes continue to be a favorite in the community. “Guests can visit us at our South Boston Candle Bar & Shop and book either a public 45-minute experience or a private 90-minute experience. We also host 90-minute pop-up private events, where we come to you,” Megan shared.

While searching for a headquarters location, Lifebloom landed in South Boston for many reasons. Eric told us, “We quickly learned that the Southie community really rallies around supporting small businesses. We wanted to be a part of this thriving community.” The supportive, friendly, and diverse members of our neighborhood were quick to welcome Lifebloom. Eric and Megan have been able to connect with business owners and residents while creating a space in Southie unlike any other. While chatting, Megan said, “Our brand is a great destination for folks in this community, as we’re able to offer people an opportunity to connect, not only with themselves but with others.”

The pair described South Boston as “vibrant” while discussing their favorite parts of the neighborhood. They have come to appreciate this vibrancy through meeting community members at popups at SOWA, The LOT, and more. To attend a class with Eric and Megan, visit their website here and book your spot or schedule a private event with coworkers, friends, or family.

Watch our full interview with the founders, Eric and Megan, below to learn more!

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