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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Meet: Leah Milby, Manager at Seaport Tattoo

Meet: Leah Milby, Manager at Seaport Tattoo

Meet Leah Milby, the spirited manager of Seaport Tattoo, located on bustling Dorchester Ave. Seaport Tattoo opened in 2017 as the first tattoo shop in Southie since the 1930s! Since then, they have hit the ground running, building a stellar team and attracting clients who are loyal to the area. Founded by tattoo veteran Jimmy Johnson and his best friend Luke, the shop was born from a shared dream after 16 years in the industry.

What sets Seaport Tattoo apart from other shops is the complete experience they offer, and the difference is felt from the moment clients walk through the door. The welcoming atmosphere ensures that everyone, from tattoo newbies to seasoned enthusiasts, feels at home. "We offer a whole experience from the moment you walk in the door. We provide friendly service, a clean environment, and do quality work, " Leah said. This shop boasts a diverse team of artists whose specialties range from traditional tattoos by Jimmy to exceptional black-and-gray realism work by Mark and Clay. Whether clients seek small, intricate designs or large, bold pieces, Seaport Tattoo provides a wide array of artistic styles.

As the manager, Leah oversees the staff, front desk, customer support, and the artists themselves. Her day-to-day responsibilities are diverse and ever-changing, reflecting the dynamic nature of the shop. "Every day brings something new. We’re always excited to meet new clients, hear their stories, and be part of their journey," Leah shared.

Seaport Tattoo is also deeply involved in the Southie community, donating to the Boys and Girls Club, participating in local events like the Southie Street Festival, and supporting fellow local businesses, including The Spot, Grand Ten, and Loco. Jimmy even drives in the annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade! Some of the team's favorite spots in the area include Cannonball Cafe, Southie Nail Bar, Lulu Green, and Rondo's, among others.

Leah envisions a bright future for Southie, saying, "We see this area becoming very busy with a mix of new and old Southie. We are very excited for what the future holds.” Check out Leah’s full interview video below to learn more, and be sure to reach out to Seaport Tattoo for your next tattoo and piercing needs!

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