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Tuesday, February 21, 2022

Meet: Karen Venezia, Owner of Karve Spa

Meet: Karen Venezia, Owner of Karve Spa

We had the pleasure of meeting Karen Venezia, owner of Karve Spa in South Boston. We loved talking to Karen about all things South Boston and the story behind Karve. She opened Karve in November 2019, and she has seen immense success in the Southie community since!

Karen had gone through college with a dream of owning her very own spa one day (and look at her now!). She worked hard until she made her dream become reality. She hustled through esthetician school at Elizabeth Grady while working at a spa. When reaching the space of becoming a performing esthetician, she told us, “After putting in over 10 years at my job, building my clientele, working 3 jobs 7 days a week, I knew it was now or never to break out and do my own thing.” Through a long process of building up Karve, she officially opened her doors on November 14th, 2019!

Since then, Karve has rapidly grown in South Boston. Karen was able to continue her current relationships with her Southie customers in her new space. She knew how to cater to her current clientele off the bat, as she offers early morning, after-work, and weekend appointments. Being in Southie has been something that is one of Karen’s favorite parts about Karve. She let us know that she “loves being in South Boston because as much as it is a city, it's a community. I know a lot of the other owners surrounding me, and we all support each other.”

Karen feels the support of the community constantly and loves to reciprocate to other local businesses. One of her favorite restaurants is her neighbor, Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar, and her favorite drink is their coconut margarita! Karen sees a lot of positive development as Southie is continuing to grow and is excited about the future of the neighborhood. She painted a picture of South Boston, saying, “I feel Southie will be a mini city within the city in no time, where people are coming into Southie to park on Broadway and spend the day treating themselves to a facial and nails before brunch and walking it off with some shopping.” Like many business owners in Southie, Karen believes the history behind Southie and its continuous development is vital to attracting visitors, residents, and business owners.

One thing Karen would say to people that haven’t been to Karve is that “it's a very welcoming place.” A big thing [she has] tried to do is “make Karve comfortable for men to come into.” Karve is a welcoming environment for anyone, and Karen ensures this in every client that walks through her doors. Services include everything from waxing to customized facials to eyebrow treatments. Treat yourself or a loved one, and head over to Karve at 416 West Broadway #201A,  or book an appointment now on their website: https://www.karvespa.com/.

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