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Thursday July 7, 2022

Meet: Matthew Nuernberger of GrandTen Distilling


Meet Matthew Nuernberger of GrandTen Distilling

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Matthew Nuernberger, the President of GrandTen Distilling. Like us, Matthew loves to enjoy a nice drink at the end of the day. His mission is simple, to create distinctive products that will satisfy the growing number of savvy New England cocktail drinkers. Here is what he had to say about his journey through craft spirits, the distilling process and finding the perfect location.

Matthew grew up curious about spirits saying, “They were also an important aspect of our family get-togethers.” Watching his grandparents drink gin and tonics or a classic Bloody Mary sparked his interest from an early age. Once Matthew became of legal drinking age beer was not on his radar, it was more exciting for him to get the true taste of finer cocktails. Now, his favorite spirit is Wire Work Special Reserve saying “you don’t see a lot of aged gins out there, typically gin is ageless. It drinks a little bit like a whiskey, but has the botanical complexity of a gin so you get the best of both worlds.”

In the heart of GrandTen lives “Adrian” GrandTen’s main distiller named after the creator Adolf Adrian. The entire function of “Adrian” is to remove the alcohol from the water that is created during fermentation. Once all the alcohol evaporates up through the many pipelines, it is ready to be bottled in house and sent out for consumption.

After a long search for the perfect location of GrandTen, they settled its headquarters in the heart of South Boston. It checked all of Matthew’s boxes – it was in an urban area, close to downtown Boston with access to Seaport and right on the Red Line. The space felt unique and historical all at once. Matthew explains it as “taking an underutilized part of the city and really adding value to the neighborhood.” With his vision for the future, Matthew is excited to show his new neighborhood and community the history and value that GrandTen brings.

You can find GrandTen’s Bar located on 383 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA. They have created a space in the distillery to enjoy cocktails straight from the source. Whether classic or modern, they are pouring drinks that highlight the line of craft spirits from the still to your glass.

Learn more about GrandTen Distilling and how they bring inspired new spirits to South Boston in our video interview below!

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