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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Southie Spotlights: Danielle Lussier, Evolve Power Yoga


“It’s been so refreshing to have such a supportive community that really wants to see us succeed. And we feel the same way in terms of supporting and helping our neighbors succeed,” explains Danielle, owner of the Evolve Power Yoga Studio in South Boston.

Danielle, a Boston resident since 1997, found inspiration to open her own hot yoga studio after experiencing an excellent hot yoga class on vacation. In 2020, after facing obstacles posed by the ongoing global pandemic, she successfully opened the Evolve Power Yoga Studio on the second floor of 416 W. Broadway (suite 201b) in the bustling South Boston she calls home.

What sets her studio apart from other yoga centers is its specific function as a Heated Vinyasa Yoga Experience. An hour before each class begins, the heat is set to 98°, while the humidity climbs to 70%; “That extreme environment is a very different, unique experience to practice yoga.” Moreover, Danielle expressed the welcoming nature of her classes, “We highly encourage beginners, love beginners, and welcome beginners.” In fact, it’s easy for just about anyone to sign up and jump right in!

It’s no shock that Danielle’s studio stresses inclusivity within the community. As mentioned above, a main goal of Evolve Power Yoga is to foster mutually supportive relationships with nearby businesses and schools. Whether it’s putting on classes for a neighboring restaurant or supporting school fundraisers, investing in the continued energy of South Boston sets Evolve Power Yoga apart from other studios.

In fact, when asked to describe South Boston in one word, the first thing that comes to Danielle’s mind is “high energy.” She explains, “I truly believe that South Boston really is the future; we have such a great, young community.” Her studio’s dedication to continuing that communal energy is a main component of its purpose.

So, whether you’re a yoga extraordinaire or looking to sweat it out for the first time, join Danielle and her Evolve Power Yoga family in a heated journey to health, balance, and communal harmony.

Schedules and pricing can be found at: www.evolvepoweryoga-southie.com 

Starting in September, there will be a four week mindfulness workshop! Visit their website for more details.

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