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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Meet: Kasey & Taylor, Co-Founders at East West Salon

Meet: Kasey Bertucci & Taylor Carter: Co-Founders at East West Salon

Introducing Kasey Bertucci and Taylor Carter, Co-Founders at East West Salon. We recently met up with them both to learn about how they opened up their salon in Southie, their favorite things to do in the South Boston area, and what plans they have for the future of their business.

Kasey and Taylors' friendship started about ten years ago when they were 18 years old. They both attended TONI & GUY Hairdressing Academy in Braintree, MA, graduating in 2014 with their licenses. Through schooling, five years of coworking, and the pandemic, Taylor told us they “have always wanted to give our clients and staff the best possible salon environment. We found the best way to do that was to take it into our own hands and create our own space.”

After touring multiple locations around Boston, these entrepreneurs ended up finding and loving their current space in the Southie neighborhood. They decided to open their doors in 2020 alongside their talented team. With every team member specializing in different aspects of hair, each one of them is important in making East West the complete package it is today.

As the demographic of South Boston is something that resonates with both Kasey and Taylor, they love learning all about their clients, from Southie newcomers to long-term residents. Their favorite part about Southie is that it’s a close-knit community. Kasey continued, “once you’re in, people really have your back and love to help promote local businesses.” The East West Salon team has fully immersed itself in our supportive, South Boston community, and loves to host pop-ups for local businesses whenever possible.

One of the Co-Founders told us, “I think that opening our very first salon together is probably going to be our best memory to date. No matter how many more we open in the future, Southie will always be special to us since it was our first for everything!” On the Dot™ is so lucky to have them in our neighborhood and love to hear just how special of a place Southie is to them.

What’s on the horizon for Kasey and Taylor? Before wrapping up our chat, they let us know there will be a second location opening this fall! As they recently rebranded to East West Salon, Taylor explained, “When we had the opportunity to open a second Salon in Easton, MA we felt like East West Salon Co. had a cute ring to it and encompasses both locations known as East and West.” They are so excited to take on this new chapter and begin expanding their brand.

Watch the full interview video below on Kasey and Taylor to learn more about their story. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, or check out their website to make an appointment.

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