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Monday, November 1, 2021

Southie Spotlights: Oliver Homberg, Owner of Boston Microgreens


Located on the bustling street of West Broadway, you’ll find Boston Microgreens - an urban farm providing fresh, locally grown microgreens and specialty herbs. “Having a farm in the middle of Southie is something that’s kind of unique, even in the middle of any city… and people don’t really know that we are down here,” Oliver Homberg, owner of Boston Microgreens explained.

Started in 2017 in his basement apartment with co-founder Matt Alto, Oliver has come a long way with his forward-thinking business. With a 2,000 square foot space in the heart of Southie, Oliver and his team now generate over 10,000 pounds of produce a year with over 75 varieties of microgreens!

When asked about his favorite part of being located in South Boston, Oliver explains it's the connection between the farm, the local restaurants and residents he serves.

“Chefs can come in, they can walk around our space, they can taste the products, they can talk to the farmer… it’s all about that relationship,” Oliver said. Along with providing their products to local restaurants, they also service local residents. People in the community are able to come in, take tours, and see the unique space.

“When kids come here and they're able to taste the stuff... that’s what did it for me. As a young kid, eating a berry in my grandmother's garden and being able to taste that - ‘oh, that’s what a real tomato tastes like!’,” Oliver explains. As an added bonus to these nutritious greens, the Microgreens facility runs on 100% renewable energy. They recirculate their water and use 95 percent less water than a traditional farm.

To learn more about how Boston Microgreens is making an impact in our community, watch our interview with Oliver and get their latest menu of greens right here on their website!

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