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Monday, January 29, 2024

Meet: Dan Chung, Studio Manager at B/SPOKE South Boston 

Meet: Dan Chung, Studio Manager at B/SPOKE South Boston 

We had a great time meeting Dan Chung, Studio Manager at B/SPOKE’s newest location this month. We learned about the B/SPOKE community and their South Boston studio, which opened in November 2022 on Old Colony Ave. in Southie. Dan was able to give us insight into everything this beautiful studio offers, along with his favorite things about being in this exciting part of the neighborhood.

For those who do not know, B/SPOKE is a boutique fitness studio that focuses on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone who walks through the door. While describing the studio, Dan shared, “We’re here to meet you wherever you are. From a friendly face to a hard workout, whatever you need, we’re there for you.” This philosophy is evident throughout all studios every day and makes a difference for dedicated members and those looking to join.

B/SPOKE’s first studio opened on Federal Street in 2014 and focused on cycling. Since then, they’ve expanded to include locations in Southie, Cape Cod, and Wellesley. Each of their four locations provides unique experiences and classes. The South Boston location is a multi-modality facility that provides cycling, strength training, yoga, small group training, personal training, and more…including the Reign Drink Lab!

The South Boston studio has been showing great success and has received amazing feedback from the community. Dan let us know after celebrating their one-year anniversary in November 2023, they have increased their offerings this month to include10 additional classes to meet the needs of the 1,200+ new faces throughout the year. When asked about exciting things coming in 2024, Dan said, “I’m excited about working closely with our neighbors and the community at large. At B/SPOKE, we value community over competition. At the root of what we do, we improve lives by encouraging, pushing, and inspiring everyone who comes through our doors.”

As they continuously support the businesses around them, the staff told us some of their favorites are Mei Mei Dumplings, Tatte, and Castle Island! Dan mentioned looking forward to the future of Southie, and this area is something he’s excitedly waiting for. He said, “Being a part of this expansion and excitement is just incredible.”

To see a quick tour of the Southie studio and learn more about B/SPOKE, watch our full video interview below! To view membership options and sign up for a class visit their website here.

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