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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Meet: Amy Coleman, South Boston Resident & November Project Member

Meet: Amy Coleman, South Boston Resident & November Project Member

As a South Boston resident, Amy Coleman gave us insight into her life in the neighborhood and advice for newcomers. Along with discussing her favorite things and places around Southie, she shared some cherished memories she has experienced here.

Amy has been a resident for six years and loves living in the area. One aspect she especially loves is being a part of the November Project. The November Project (NP) is now a worldwide organization providing free outdoor fitness to all ages and abilities and started in Boston over a decade ago. Read the Q&A below to learn more about Amy and the November Project!

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

The water. I love running to Castle Island by way of Carson and M Street Beach and/or around UMass Boston. I love that you can run 6 miles, 8 miles, or 13 miles by the water. We are so lucky, and this place is really beautiful.

What is your happiest memory in Southie?

I think it would be impossible to name just one. I love the Castle Island run. I also really love running by the Farragut Statue because my dad is the first person who told me who Farragut was, so every time I run by it, I think of my dad and say to myself, “Damn the torpedoes!” I also love Dorchester!

Why did you decide to live (or work) in South Boston?

Initially, I moved to South Boston for nursing school.  I wanted to go to a well-established program as much as it was cost-effective, so I chose UMass Boston. It was actually my first choice! I moved to Southie from Jamaica Plain to make commuting easier. I stayed because I fell in love with the area.

What is your proudest accomplishment while in Southie?

I should probably say graduating from nursing school and becoming a full-time RN.  Second to that, and only because it is fresh in my mind, is maybe my recent PR in the Marine Corps 5K down at Carson Beach! 

What is your favorite thing to do/where is your favorite place to go in Southie?

Things to do: Run, Bike, Coffee, Yoga (solo is great, with friends is always better)
Places to go: Castle Island, Dorchester Heights, Lulu Green, Cannonball Cafe, B/Spoke, and Handlebar. I prefer the outdoor spaces, especially this time of year! November Project (NP) hosted a Monday workout recently at Orton Field that was super fun, and they usually host a sunrise 6K or their ML 6K around the sugar bowl, too.
What advice would you give to someone who just moved here?

Go out and explore, there is so much to do here. Get involved with local run clubs and fitness groups. There are a TON of pop-up fitness opportunities, NP visits quite a bit!  Backyahd Boston has a Saturday morning run club that does a Carson Beach to M-Street Beach 3-5 mile run. I would be remiss not to mention Pioneers RC. They are in Dorchester and run around DOT, but they are so close to Southie that it counts.

How did you get involved with the November Project?

I started going to the November Project two years ago. I used to run Harvard Stadium solo or 1:1 and had known about NP since it started, from being a part of the fitness community in Boston for some time through teaching yoga and biking. It took me a while to make it because I was initially intimidated. After I went for the first time, I was hooked, though. It is so much more fun doing the difficult things with friends. Then we all get coffee afterward.

Describe South Boston in one word.


Where do you think the future of South Boston is headed?

There have been a LOT of cool things popping up over the past 6 years that I have been able to watch take place. Cannonball Cafe is high on that list.  Everyone at November Project loves the owner Rachel, who is friends with one of our active members, Lisa. Cannonball is becoming a staple here in Southie and is a good fit. Other things that have popped up that I have been really loving: B/Spoke Spin Studio on Old Colony is a two-story space with great instructors and good vibes, The CRG (Central Rock Gym) is on that same street and is now more front-and-center as a place to go for climbing simply because there is so much happening around there now. Mei Mei just opened. Old school faves close by include Peter Welch’s Gym, and despite having never done Crossfit, I respect the Crossfitters who I see sprinting down DOT Ave. at all hours. I would like to see Southie become more bike friendly, as I think we are heading in the right direction. All in all, I think this area is becoming more health and fitness conscious, and watching these transformations take place has been fun.

Thank you, Amy, for taking the time to chat with On the Dot®! To learn more about the November Project, visit their website here. And follow On the Dot® on Instagram to see who we feature next!

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