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Our Guiding Vision

︎On the Dot® is a vision. One consistent with residents’ 21st century needs and preferences. A Place with a Purpose. There is exciting promise and opportunity in this Dorchester Avenue corridor. The team at Core Investments is listening to hear what the neighborhood wants. Contemplating what is possible On the Dot®.

︎We are doing it hand in hand with the neighborhood and the City of Boston. We envision a Community, not a Commodity. We promise to keep you informed, so you are a participant as we shape a future for all.
︎The On the Dot® redevelopment of the 21-plus acres of Core Investment’s land, west of Dorchester Avenue between B Street and Southampton Street, constitutes the welcome revival of an area that more than a century ago was an innovation and manufacturing powerhouse in Boston and for the nation. The area evolved into a light industrial district in the mid-1900s and now is being transformed for today’s economy and residents.

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