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Friday, May 1, 2020


2-oz. Bottles Still Available;
Gallon Containers Go to Institutions in Need

BOSTON – Core Investments, Inc., which partnered with GrandTen Distilling a week ago to begin providing scarce hand sanitizer, has delivered 21 gallons and hundreds of 2-oz. bottles to the community in the first week.

Core Investments and GrandTen executives said there are still about 100 of the 2-oz. bottles left at the distillery, to be given out free of charge, one per person, to anyone in need while supplies last.

In the last week:
  • Ten gallons were delivered to the Carmelite Sisters Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Marian Manor on Dorchester Street.
  • Four gallons were given to the South Boston Community Health Center on West Broadway.
  • Two gallons of hand-sanitizer were delivered to Rev. Peter DeFazio at St. Monica – St. Augustine Catholic Church on Old Colony Avenue for distribution.
  • Two gallons were delivered to the Fourth Presbyterian Church and Food Pantry on Dorchester Street.
  • Two gallons, along with 300 2-oz. bottles, were donated to the Andrew Square Civic Association.
  • One gallon and 25 2-oz. bottles were delivered for Rev. Traci J. Antoine’s Sexual and Domestic Violence Program.

In addition, Core Investments, as part of its neighborhood Core Cares program, ordered 400 surgical gowns for Marion Manor, which reported the need this week.

Also as part of Core Cares’ response to the coronavirus challenge to the community, Robert Cummins, of the real estate firm Cushman and Wakefield, joined Massachusetts State Rep. David Biele and State Sen. Nick Collins on Sunday to distribute 2,000 FDA-approved disposable face masks.

Hand sanitizer has become a hard-to-find necessity during the coronavirus crisis. Starting a week ago today, two-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer distilled at GrandTen Distillery, known for its specialty hand-crafted spirits, began to be offered, one to a customer, at the company’s headquarters, at 383 Dorchester Ave. in South Boston.

The personal-size bottles of hand sanitizer are available to area residents 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays until current supplies run out. The company has been located there, at property now owned by Core Investments, Inc., since 2012.

As part of its company Core Cares program, Core Investments also will deliver bottles of hand sanitizer to local food banks and provide the needed sanitizing liquid in gallon-bottle quantities to some local institutions, such as nursing homes.

“We are looking for ways to help keep people safe in this challenging time,” said David Pogorelc, Founder of Core Investment, Inc. “And we are very happy that we’ve been able to help residents and institutions that do such good work in our community and are in need.”

Core Investments, Inc. was founded by Pogorelc, who has been active in Boston real estate for 30 years.

Matt Nuernberger, Founder of GrandTen Distilling, said he realized that the company had the ability to convert from liquors and spirits to much-needed hand sanitizer and moved quickly to buy the materials that were needed. Some of those have become in short supply, but Core and GrandTen said the program will continue as materials are available.

GrandTen produced its first batch of hand sanitizer about seven weeks ago, on the last weekend when bars and restaurants were still open in the city. Four employees have remained at work during the shutdown. GrandTen has also been giving out a two-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer with any purchase of spirits.

Core Investments is currently planning On the Dot®, a future redevelopment of formerly industrial, underused land along the west side of Dorchester Avenue, an area that includes GrandTen’s headquarters. Core properties there house about 40 small to medium-sized tenants.

On the Dot®’s future is being planned with a vision consistent with existing residents’ 21st century needs and preferences, in collaboration with the neighborhood and the City of Boston.

Core Investments, Inc. is a Boston-based real estate development and investment company specializing in acquiring and redeveloping urban mixed-use and commercial buildings. With millions of dollars of assets under management across the City of Boston – including 25-plus acres of prime urban land slated for 6-8 million square feet of future transit-oriented development on Boston’s largest transit line – Core is positioned to continue adding value to existing neighborhoods as well as developing new ones. Core is committed to creating communities, improving the quality of life for both residents and commercial tenants. Core accomplishes this by improving neighborhoods through smart architectural design that creates meaningful placemaking and by incorporating history, context and community. This mission extends to its 40-plus commercial tenants and various residential tenants where Core continually creates safe, welcoming, and lively environments through the strategic planning of local services, meeting spaces, outdoor parks, retail and housing. For more information, please go to www.coreinvestments.com.

Tom Palmer,
Tom Palmer Communication

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