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Meet: Tyler Falconer, Founder of Falco K9

Meet Tyler Falconer: Founder and Owner of Falco K9

Just in time for National Puppy Day (March 23) we had the chance to visit with Tyler Falconer, founder and owner of Falco K9 - a veteran-owned full-service dog care, training, and boarding program serving Massachusetts.

After leaving the navy, where he worked as a military dog handler Tyler went through what he refers to as a massive identity crisis. “I was no longer a K9 guy anymore,” Tyler told us. His journey is one of accepting that certain seasons may take you away from your dream. Ultimately, though, these pivots prepare you for your dream. “I was actually installing boilers in basements for my brother. And so I was working for a K9 company, out in the Burlington Woburn area, for free on the weekends, just so I could identify as a dog trainer still.”

With the support of his family, Tyler was able to open Falco K9 in 2016, offering basic and protective dog training. His first taste of success came from the sale of single protection-dog. The transaction provided the momentum and motivation to keep at it, building a buzz that eventually spread throughout South Boston.

Since then, the organization has grown to more than twenty staff and trainers, and service offerings have expanded to include dog walks, daycare, multiple training programs and boarding. “When people first encounter the name of Falco K9, people sort of think that we’re just protection or attack dogs or training police dogs, and that's very much the opposite. About 95% of our business comes from pets.”

The South Boston community is the catalyst for Falco K9’s success. Its scenery is also the source of some of the most interactive classrooms one could hope to offer a learning pup.

South Boston is a diverse terrain with many types of spaces which the Falco team uses to expand the classroom beyond Falco K9’s facilities. “When you walk around Southie, you have the urban environment, you have the red line, you also have the water - you have the beaches,” Tyler says, describing his love for utilizing the South Boston environment as a classroom for his furry trainees. “You know, like Castle Island - we’ll have them sitting and staying on big rocks, and roller skaters and runners are going by, and the owners are 50 yards away. It gives the owners a great sense of pride in their dog, that we’re not just in here training the dogs; we are also looking to push the limit a little bit, in training in realistic applications.”

We got to play around with a few of the pups, in their element - they clearly love being in the space. Still, you could clearly see the understanding of authority and heeding of commands made throughout our visit. It’s an exciting, yet ordered environment. A typical day at this doggy-academy follows a consistently-structured but diverse curriculum.  At the root is a mission to develop each dog’s impulse-control via exercises done in various environments. Even drop-off and pick-up time are part of their curriculum. “Generally we like to have them on the place cot, mom or dad comes up to pick their dog, their dog is exercising proper impulse control - staying on the place cot, and then we’re coming and grabbing their dog and giving him to the owner,” Tyler tells us.

Falco K9 is more than a training facility with revolving doors. “There are so many different dog training companies out there where somebody owns the company, and then dog trainers are just in and out of the doors. I’m not just looking for employees - I'm looking for lifetime people that are going to work with me to grow and establish the company.” Tyler is continuing to expand his business, and works with his trusted team to do so.  “We’re looking to develop pop-up locations of Falco K9, and I want to take care of the people that have been with me since the beginning. We’ve had employees for a couple of years - they’re on mission, they’re for the cause. I absolutely love them. So we want to take them and essentially coach them on how to start up their own location with Falco K9. It’s the dream.”

In need of dog-training services? Visit Falco K9 or checkout www.falcok9boston.org and learn more about their programs!

Watch our full interview with Tyler below!

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