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Friday, May 24, 2024

Meet: Becca McGovern, Owner of Maker / Scholar

Meet: Becca McGovern, Owner of Maker / Scholar

In the heart of South Boston, Becca McGovern has successfully combined her creativity and business skills to open Maker / Scholar. Having lived in Southie for two years, Becca has cultivated a unique niche that celebrates her artistic talents and entrepreneurial spirit. Becca shared her journey from Harvard Business School to launching a successful handmade greeting card business. She truly is inspiring and is deeply rooted in the Southie community!

Maker / Scholar began during Becca’s second year of business school. The name itself is a playful nod to the esteemed Baker Scholars, students graduating from Harvard with High Distinction, earning a spot in the top 5% of their class. It perfectly combines the world of academia and her passion for creation. "Maker / Scholar was born as a website to sell my handmade greeting cards as I made no progress towards becoming a Baker Scholar," she explained with a laugh. The evolution of the name to include the slash symbolizes the balance Becca strikes between the artistic and buttoned-up aspects of her business.

Becca's inspiration to enter the creative industry was rekindled during COVID-19 when she began drawing more. The simple, mess-free medium of drawing with markers became her gateway back into the world of art. "I’ve always made my own cards since I was small, so making my own cards for the holidays seemed like a fun way to be creative and to learn more about e-commerce," Becca exclaimed. Becca took her business full-time in October 2023 and has lots of exciting things coming up!

Becca's enthusiasm for the future is apparent as she looks ahead to the coming summer months. She will attend many outdoor markets, draw live pet portraits around the neighborhood, and collaborate with Southie favorites. Be sure to keep an eye out for Becca at The LOT. Living and working in this neighborhood has allowed Becca to partner with local businesses and community members, from pop-up events to stocking their shelves with her products. She worked with Loco to create unique Valentine's Day cards and sells her goods at In Good Co. year-round. Becca mentioned, "Kate (from In Good Co.) was the first person to offer to sell my products in a real-life storefront. The way that changed my business and built my confidence is so special."

Reflecting on her time in South Boston, Becca describes the neighborhood as "bumpin'," a testament to its vibrant atmosphere. Her favorite memory is the St. Patrick's weekend party at In Good Co. (of course!). She explains, “I don’t know if Maker / Scholar would be where it is today if I didn’t live in Southie next to so many collaborative small business owners.”
We had a blast with Becca and loved getting to know more about her life and the Maker / Scholar journey! Stay updated on Becca’s pop-up schedule via the Maker / Scholar Instagram page, and check out her website, https://makerscholarcards.com/, to order online. To hear from Becca, watch our video interview below!

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