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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

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BOSTON – Core Investments, Inc., which partnered with GrandTen Distilling a week ago to begin providing scarce hand sanitizer, has delivered 21 gallons and hundreds of 2-oz. bottles to the community in the first week.

Core Investments and GrandTen executives said there are still about 100 of the 2-oz. bottles left at the distillery, to be given out free of charge, one per person, to anyone in need while supplies last.

In the last week:
  • Ten gallons were delivered to the Carmelite Sisters Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center at Marian Manor on Dorchester Street.
  • Four gallons were given to the South Boston Community Health Center on West Broadway.
  • Two gallons of hand-sanitizer were delivered to Rev. Peter DeFazio at St. Monica – St. Augustine Catholic Church on Old Colony Avenue for distribution.
  • Two gallons were delivered to the Fourth Presbyterian Church and Food Pantry on Dorchester Street.
  • Two gallons, along with 300 2-oz. bottles, were donated to the Andrew Square Civic Association.
  • One gallon and 25 2-oz. bottles were delivered for Rev. Traci J. Antoine’s Sexual and Domestic Violence Program.

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